Optimize Your E-Invoicing Workflow with HeroInvoice

HeroInvoice acts as a bridge between your ERP/business system and IRBM's MyInvois System.

Experience Seamless E-Invoicing With The IRBM

Fed up with stacks of invoices and endless payment delays?

Go paperless and upgrade your invoicing process!


Seamlessly integrates with the IRBM system,

allowing you to send invoices to the government electronically and instantly!

Say goodbye to long lines and paperwork hassles.

Our Features


auto onboarding

Simplify and expedite the onboarding process for new customers, making it quick and hassle-free to get started, ensuring a seamless transition.



Ensure data accuracy and compliance before submission, minimizing errors and rejections by verifying all necessary information upfront.

Auto Queuing

Efficiently manage and process invoices in a timely manner, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted workflow that keeps your operations running efficiently.

Substitution Workflow

The HeroInvoice SaaS platform integrates with your ERP, collecting the necessary information.

The document is converted to XML or JSON formats and automatically sent to the IRBM portal via API.

Once the invoice is validated, it’s returned to our SaaS platform and integrated into your ERP with a unique ID and QR code.

We can then automatically send the invoice with the embedded QR code and ID to the buyer electronically and securely.

All in One Solution


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What is e-invoicing and why is it important for businesses in Malaysia?

E-invoicing is the process of generating, transmitting, and processing invoices electronically. In Malaysia, it is crucial for businesses to comply with e-invoice regulations to ensure accurate and timely tax reporting and reduce manual errors in invoicing.

How does HeroInvoice help with Malaysia's e-invoice regulations?

HeroInvoice provides an API integration that connects your ERP and accounting systems with LHDN's MyInvoice Portal, ensuring that your invoices meet the required standards for compliance and are submitted efficiently.

What are the key features of HeroInvoice?

Key features include seamless integration with ERP and accounting systems, automated invoice submission to LHDN's MyInvoice Portal, real-time compliance updates, and user-friendly interface for easy management.

How does HeroInvoice work?

HeroInvoice integrates with your existing ERP and accounting systems to automate the invoicing process, ensuring seamless submission and compliance with Malaysia's e-invoice requirements.

How can I ensure my business is ready for e-invoicing in Malaysia?

To prepare for e-invoicing, ensure your accounting systems are updated to meet the e-invoice format requirements, integrate with a solution like HeroInvoice for seamless submission, and stay informed about any updates or changes to the regulations from the Malaysian tax authorities.

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